It’s Your Karma is an evolving nonprofit organization dedicated to making the world a better place. Simply put, we invest in business and community initiatives, both within the USA and internationally. Our passion drives us to help improve the quality of both professional and personal environments. Through determination and hard work we promote positive mindsets by turning impossibilities to possibilities, creating new experiences and cultivating lasting relationships.


Our History and Impact:

Recent work in 2014 took us to El Salvador and 2016 to Guatemala where we provided the necessary resources to assist in constructing a new factory. Doing so, created jobs for residents. In addition, we gave back to these communities by feeding over 600 families, distributing toys and providing children with educational tools such as books along with other classroom necessities.

An earlier mission in 2013 lead us to a retirement community in Queens, NY where we orchestrated a special Valentine’s celebration for the senior citizen community which provided residents with a forum and means to integrate and socialize. We celebrated by providing food and gifts to exchange for all who were in attendance.

In 2012 our passions drove us to a community in Queens, NY where we sought out to help the many victims affected by Hurricane Sandy. During this mission, we provided the community with an array of food and beverage in efforts to contribute to residents so that they too could enjoy a hot meal for the Thanksgiving holiday.

Our work varies and is ultimately made possible through our vast network of volunteers, generous donations and hard-working employees. Interested in learning more, drop us a line! We would love to hear your thoughts and ideas!

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