EMOTION, in everyday speech, is any relatively brief conscious experience characterized by intense mental activity and a high degree of pleasure or displeasure.

Emotion is often intertwined with mood, temperament, personality, disposition, and motivation.

It is said that “Any emotion in extremes causes troubles”. To help you from this extremity IYK is here to understand you and find the root of the cause of your feeling and get the solution. The main emotions we come across in our day to day life are:


Every living creature wants to be happy. To be happy, people seek: money or power but even after getting it one is not happy. God wants to see us happy. Yet we keep on postponing our happiness.

There are two ways of looking at life. One is thinking, “I will be happy after achieving a certain objective.” The second is saying, “I am happy, come what may!” Which one of these do you want to live?


Surprise can have any valence; that is, it can be neutral/moderate, pleasant, unpleasant, positive, or negative. Surprise can occur in varying levels of intensity ranging from very-surprised, which may induce the fight-or-flight response.

The extreme level in surprise may lead to the severe health attacks. So one should be balanced with their emotions at any point of time.


Feeling bad at certain situation may stop a person from expressing, it may create an introvert personality inside the person which will ultimately make the person to run away from the situations.

To overcome this the person should learn to let go the things and should learn from that experience and make sure there doesn’t be one more such situations.


Fearful is such an emotion that will lessen the confidence levels in the person and will distract the person from other activities, living in fear is said to be equal to living as no life within.

Believing in urself will help you to overcome this feeling or emotion.


Anger is an intense emotional response. It is an emotion that involves a strong uncomfortable and emotional response to a hurt or threat. Anger can occur when a person feels their personal boundaries are being or going to be violated.

Anger is an emotional reaction that impacts the body. A person experiencing anger will also experience physical conditions, such as increased heart rate, elevated blood pressure.

IYK has got few techniques and also motivational and inspiring conversations to solve all your insecurities. We are here to help you and listen to you.

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