Donations list

  • Yoga Center

    Support our community Yoga Center Give someone a gift of healthy and happy living with peace of mind which will last life long. We want to build a yoga centers to provide yoga classes at no cost to people. Through yoga, the body can be trained and conditioned to be one with the mind. It
    Raised $1160 Donors 88 Goal $130000
  • Guatemala- Hunger & Education

    Bringing Good Karma To Guatemala We brought food, love, and good karma to our friends in Guatemala. We supplied food and sets of sewing machines to begin a small Karma Sewing Center to a village. Bringing Food and nourishment to the residents of the community Books and Toys were delivered to the local children. A new Sewing
    Raised $7000 Donors 93 Goal $7000
  • It’s Your Karma Sewing Center in El Salvador

    Bringing Jobs To El Salvador We traveled to El Salvador to bring new opportunities to a small community. Opening Small Sewing Businesses Supplied food and gifts to the community.
    Raised $9000 Donors 126 Goal $9000
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