George Kumar

George Kumar began life in New Delhi, India. Traveling with his family, he arrived in the USA and settled in NYC at the age of 13.  At that young age he knew already what it was like to feel alone with no one to help. As a boy, he worked hard to assist his family with their fragrance company and make a better life. His family relied upon him for everything and the fragrance store became his second home: working diligently daily including on weekends and holidays. He learned everything about all aspects about the business—serving as the buyer, bookkeeper, customer service representative and everything in between—and built lasting relationships during that time with people all over the world.

Mr. Kumar is multi-lingual and speaks English, Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi and a little Spanish. His knowledge of law and the American court systems have served him well in business. He is a keen judge of a person’s character and can sense when they are suffering—particularly since as he grew into a man and entered the business world he often found himself trying to make a living without any help.

Mr. Kumar opened his first fragrance company at the young age of 23, and today is a successful Independent Contractor and consultant for one of the largest fragrance companies. A humble man, Mr. Kumar has made a better life for himself and teaches others to do the same. He guided by his beliefs in the laws of attraction, the power of the subconscious mind and the power of your Karma.

As he started his journey he have gathered a lot of personal as well as spiritual experiences. He had fought with so many tough challenges and achieved an immense success. Although he is a simple man and follows simple lifestyle.

According to him Yoga is one such weapon to fight with oneself.

Mr. Kumar message to the world:

“Believe in yourself. You can do it! There is so much more beyond what you can see. There is a power inside of you waiting to be set free. You can be better today than you were yesterday. Your tomorrow will be even better because of what you will learn to do today. There is nothing too hard for you to change. Let me help you to bring peace, healing and harmony into your life. Let me teach you how to find the answers for your life and set you free from fear, hurt and pain. Together we can make your family stronger. Let us find the truth and change your life forever. You deserve better and were born for greater things. We can use Yoga and Meditation to free your mind, body and spiritual self. You will learn to face your problems with new eyes and understanding. I will help you to find where those problems began and move pass the hurt and pain to have a better life. You will learn to see the answers for yourself. I will teach you to respond to your problems and not to be a victim. I can help as well as and teach you to free yourself of what is holding you captive. No one can take advantage of you when you know your truth.”

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