Biological Clock

Biological Clock

Biological clock deals with the personal life of the person. As we all know that the human life comprises 7 main stages.

The first stage of life, occupying the years from conception and birth to age seven, is the stage of the human individual’s vital-physical adaptation to the world into which he or she is born.

The second stage of life, extends to the next seven years is the time of the development of the etheric life. This is the stage where the person gets into his/her teens. Most people fail to make this transition into emotional-sexual maturity while in their youth. Consequently, unless they embark on a conscious course of self-transcendence in life, their spiritual growth remains stunted.

The third stage of life, stretching approximately from the fifteenth to the twenty-first year, is the stage of the development of the thinking mind and the will. This stage of life is mature when the individual enjoys integrated responsibility for the whole of the living being. Those who seek to begin spiritual life must be mature in this sense in order to move on to higher maturity.” – First Become Human – Enlightenment of the Whole Body.

The fourth stage of life is a spiritually illumined life of Divine contemplation and selfless service. Both elements are necessary. We often point to people who have devoted their lives to helping others they are good people, no doubt.

The fifth stage of life could be described as the domain of accomplished The important difference between the fifth stage of life and all the stages of life that precede it is that awareness on the gross physical plane is no longer the normal mode of existence. Rather, attention is steadily engaged in subtle realms, that is, dreamlike or visionary regions of mind.

In the sixth stage of life, one is no longer perceiving and interpreting everything from the point of view of the individuated body-mind with its desires and goals. This stage of life is a form of temporary Realization of the Divine Self.

The seventh stage of life is release from all the egoistic limitations of the previous stages of life. Remarkably, the seventh stage Awakening is not an experience at all. The true Nature of everything is simply obvious. Now the Understanding arises that every apparent “thing” is Eternally, Perfectly the same as Reality, Consciousness, Happiness, Truth, or God. And that Understanding is Supreme Love-Bliss.

Due to lack of knowledge about all the above stages the people are getting deviated and are knocking the doors of problems with their own hands.

IYK enhances these problems and teach to make life simple and stop you from complicating things in each stage. it also helps the people to get that knowledge of life and helps them to take control upon their own self and live a balanced life.

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