Find Happiness With Karma
The Karma theory is to drive a human being towards happiness and self awareness.

The Karma theory is to drive a human being towards happiness and self awareness.

Karma, a simple concept with so many intricate parts; the concept being simple, do onto others as you would want done onto you. But is it really as simple as that? Can you truly do to others the same as you want done to you? The reality is that treating others in the same way as you would want to be treated can be difficult at times. After all, we all have an innate selfish need; this is the need for one’s own survival.  The human race has made it this far with that concept in mind. Our own survival ensures continuity of ourselves and our genetic code. Life is not as simple as simply surviving anymore; there are many complex facets of life that create their own paths to follow. Every choice we make, every experience we have, shapes us and leads us down different paths. These paths can lead to destruction, or prosperity and it is up to us on how we adjust to the new paths that define us.

Fortunately, in this complex thing we call life; we have a simple organization dedicated to assisting others in feeding the soul, ensuring happiness and good karma. This organization is “It’s Your Karma” (IYK). IYK is all about giving individuals the tools to achieve what they most desperately seek in life, true happiness and good karma. This is achieved through a holistic approach. Through Yoga and Energy cleansing  IYK can train the mind in “Metacognition”, or being able to think about one’s own thought. This is a powerful tool, since you cannot begin to achieve true mental and physical wellness until you achieve mental and physical awareness. Through yoga , the mind can be trained to ignore its subconscious impulses and focus more on one’s own will.

Through yoga, the body can be trained and conditioned to be one with the mind. It can self heal, create new sensations never felt before, relieve stress and pain, and of course attract good karma.  Through this and so much more, IYK and its array of services can provide mental and physical healing, financial prosperity, true stress relief, a variety of health benefits, and of course most importantly, GOOD KARMA!


This wouldn’t be possibly without the generosity of donors like you.  You have the power to create good karma and that is what keeps IYK going. Please donate now to spread good karma!

“Karma is not positive nor negative, it’s nothing but justice served “

——-George Kumar—–

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