A Spiritual History Of Karma
Karma is an idea that has been shaped and developed throughout human history.

History Of Karma

Karma is an idea that has been shaped and developed throughout human history. Different civilizations and cultures have had various beliefs about the idea of karma and what it means to people. However, the roots of karma can be found in ancient Hindu scriptures written centuries ago.


In the Bhagavad Gita, a Hindu epic written likely written as far back as the second century BCE, the hero Arjuna is told of his obligation to his dharma, or sacred duty to act, by the guru Krishna. Many scholars believe that this is where the idea of karma originated. Krishna stresses to Arjuna the importance of doing what must be done simply because it is his duty, not because he wishes to achieve a particular outcome. Krishna tells Arjuna how his actions have consequences in the scope of the universe.


Since its origin in these early scriptures of Hinduism, the idea of karma has been adopted by other religions, especially Buddhism. Buddhism another religion that preaches the great importance of karma for those that are looking to reach enlightenment. The Buddha preached that although the precise way that karma works is impossible for normal humans to understand, it is impacted by both the context of the deed and the person that commits it. Buddhism divides karma into four categories: reproductive karma, supportive karma, obstructive karma, and destructive karma. Reproductive karma can be either positive or negative depending on the person being conceived and the circumstances surrounding their birth. Supportive karma is the kind of karma that brings happiness and health to people, while obstructive and destructive karma contribute to unhappiness and eventually a miserable end to life. Karma also has a big impact on the way that Buddhists view incarnation. A person that had good karma in their past life is more likely to be reincarnated to a high realm of being.


Karma is a concept that everyone may view slightly differently. Today, many people feel strongly about karma because it allows them to spread positivity and nourish their soul. No matter what your beliefs on karma are, it is important that you find a channel that can help you better your karma in the modern world. The work done by It’s Your Karma is helping all kinds of people that are in need as a way to improve karmic relationships and help them find an enlightened sense of peace and spiritual well-being in their life.

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