Yoga Center

Yoga Center
Raised $1160 Donors 88 Goal $130000

Support our community Yoga Center

Give someone a gift of healthy and happy living with peace of mind which will last life long.

We want to build a yoga centers to provide yoga classes at no cost to people.

Through yoga, the body can be trained and conditioned to be one with the mind. It can self heal, create new sensations never felt before, relieve stress and pain, and of course attract good karma.  Through this and so much more, IYK and its array of services can provide mental and physical healing, financial prosperity, true stress relief, a variety of health benefits, and of course most importantly, good karma.

    Some Karma are just priceless!

For only $9 per Month you can help us spread a good karmic deeds, positive energy and earn endless blessing from those who you helped made their lives better.

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